ATLAS Drinking

A truly extraordinary selection of drinks inspired by the Arts Décoratifs. From a locally roasted espresso to a tulip of fine Champagne, to grand cocktails inspired by hallmarks of the era, we are delighted to propose a beverage perfectly suited to the occasion and as special as the setting.

The Atlas Collections

Gin and Champagne were all the rage during the Gilded Age. These celebratory tipples that defined good living at the time, are now back in fashion in the grandest of ways.

The ATLAS Collections feature two of the world’s most remarkable physical collections of these beverages. A labour of love which took over two years to curate and assemble, it includes contributions from generous friends, distillers and vintners from the far corners of the globe. We are also delighted to feature a selection of rare and exceptional still wines and whiskies from the Parkview Family Cellar, which for the first time since its inception almost 40 years ago, has been opened especially for our guests at ATLAS.


We’re dizzy for gin at ATLAS. With gin in the midst of a modern renaissance, there has never been a better time to be a gin drinker, or simply curious about this extraordinary spirit.

ATLAS houses one of the world’s most diverse and thoughtfully curated physical gin collections - more than 1,300 gins in all. Sample London dry gins from as far back as 1910, or the best of modern craft gins from the far corners of the world. Many have been generously and personally contributed by their distillers. Others have been hand-carried from far and wide by new and old friends. Each one special, and waiting for your next martini.


Nothing says celebration like Champagne. This held true in the Art Deco era, when Champagne flowed in abundance in the great lobbies, hotels and bars of Europe. So, it may come as little surprise that we’re equally mad about bubbly at ATLAS.

The modern world of Champagne is even more diverse and tasty than it was in the Twenties. ATLAS houses one of Asia’s great Champagne lists, including treasures from the Parkview Family Cellar. More than 250 labels of Champagnes in all. Join us for a celebratory moment, small or large. Your perfect bottle is undoubtedly already chilled.


Delve into the ATLAS Archive and discover past editions of the ATLAS Drinking Menu. Each elegant menu explores a unique facet of Art Deco, and the drinking traditions of the golden age.