An Official Announcement from ATLAS

The ATLAS New Year’s Eve Party 2018 will be cancelled to honour the late Mr George Wong, Executive Chairman of the Hong Kong Parkview Group, who passed away peacefully in his sleep at 0915h on 2nd December 2017.

Born in 1952 in Hong Kong, Mr. Wong inherited the Chairmanship from his father Mr. Hwang Chou-Shiuan in 2003. Growing up in Taiwan and having furthered his studies in the UK, his multicultural background helped propel the Group’s vision further in its developments in its luxury contemporary real estate and leisure industry development.

Beyond his various responsibilities, Mr Wong dedicated his career to pioneering growth and development in areas such as philanthropy, education, community, environmental protection and art. He was an extraordinary individual, a leader, a mentor and a friend whose sense of purpose and social responsibility touched everyone he crossed paths with on this larger than life journey. We will remember the joy and generosity with which he shared his life with those fortunate enough to have been around him. His vigour, enthusiasm, wishes and vision will continue to live in our memories.

A full refund for all tickets purchased for the New Year’s Eve Party 2018 will be arranged. Operations will continue as per usual but celebrations and festivities will resume after our 49 days mourning period. Please contact for any further queries.

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