Welcome to ATLAS

Welcome to our ‘Happenings’ page, a dispatch of all the musings behind ATLAS. If our one-of-a-kind, Art Deco grand lobby bar isn’t enough to convince you of our commitment to great hospitality and an incomparable experience, this journal segment will hopefully elevate your appreciation of our dynamic vision. Managed by our founders from the Parkview family, executive team and content manager, the page is populated twice every month with engaging features such as drink recipes and team profiles — you’ll find nothing but love for the things we love on this page.

In the months to come, we have also joined forces with our esteemed partners, Proof & Co and Liberty Coffee to bring you specialist knowledge of our carefully crafted drink menu. Besides showcasing the beautiful concept of ATLAS, stay tuned for first dibs on our upcoming programmes, exclusive launches and events — we’re not waxing lyrical when we say there’s a lot in the pipeline! It’s been a long time coming, but some things are definitely worth waiting for.

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