An Ode to Art Deco

It is no secret that art and design form the hallmarks of ATLAS. But it is the opulent era of Art Deco, otherwise known as Les Arts Décoratifs where we take many of our inspirations from in developing our food and cocktail menus. From a lost generation of artists, writers and musicians to a legion of relentless bohemian party-goers, we are happy to capture what the period has to offer.

The Art Deco movement is a style of design, architecture and visual arts that gained popularity in the 1920s and 1930s. From the bold geometric forms of Cubism to the jarring colours of the beast-like Fauvism, the movement is a potpourri of different artistic styles, united by the desire to be ‘modern’. Some even claim that the epitome of its prominence existed in Paris in 1925 where rich materials and fine craftsmanship combine to represent unparalleled luxury, glamour and exuberance.

While the effect of its popularity slowly declined in the 1930s with the Great Depression, its influence manifested onto design, furniture and architecture — New York’s Chrysler Building and our very own Parkview Square are fine monuments of the Art Deco style. You’ll be glad to know that the movement’s influence did not end there. Here at ATLAS, we’ve expanded on that thesis to translate the modernist vision of the period into our drink menus with the help of our master bartender Roman Foltan and consultants, Proof & Co.

First off, our drinks in the ‘Style Moderne’ segment combine flavours that provoke and inspire. You can expect bright and bold flavours with an interesting presentation in this menu. Another one tailored for creative types is the ‘The Artists’, a neat selection of 4 gin-based drinks inspired by the cultural landscape of the 1920s — free-spirited, defiant and colourful all in one. Also not to be missed out is an ATLAS favourite, the Scandal Water from our ‘Bright Young Things’ menu. We’ve added a dash of geranium to the recipe, enough to taste like a refreshing pick me up and never too much to remind you of an Aesop hand cleanser.

And there you have it, our first knack at externalising the concepts behind our specially crafted drinks at ATLAS. Basically, a fancy way of saying: tasty drinks with a great story behind it. It’s not the first and probably won’t be the last of our perennial obsession with all things Jazz Age so stay tuned to this space for more updates. Till then, let’s all #ginitup!

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