Elevate your coffee supply

If the first craving which assails you upon waking is the need for a caffeine fix, you’re among the happy masses. And at the centre of ATLAS’ coffee programme beats a heart of proletarian approachability.

ATLAS' owner, Vicky Hwang, wakes up each day craving an excellent cup of coffee too, and believes this is a pleasure principal everyone should enjoy. Liberty Coffee was founded with a mission to make good coffee – Proudly Roasted in Singapore – an accessible luxury. Et voila, a partnership of the two was inevitable.

ATLAS’ coffee programme was crafted by Liberty Coffee with a two-pronged approachability: a classic espresso-based menu; and, a crowd-pleasing blend of fine arabica varietals. Underpinning this elegantly simplicity is the use of the finest equipment, and precise methodology in the coffee-brewing process.

Handmade in Florence, Italy, and custom clad in gleaming gold to suit it’s opulent surrounds, ATLAS’ La Marzocco GB5 is an imposing espresso machine which perfectly complements its Art Deco stage. Coupled with the Mythos One Clima Pro grinder, which applies temperature control to its milling chamber to ensure consistency, this is a nonpareil setup for coffee-making excellence.

When a precise profile of a fixed dose, extraction time and espresso yield are applied to Liberty Coffee’s Speakeasy blend, guests are treated to a smooth medium-bodied blend of seasonal coffees, exhibiting cacao and hazelnut overtones. A delicious kickstart for anyone’s day.

~ Words by Pauline Tan, Liberty Coffee

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